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I'm singing to make listener's heart warm.

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The physical copy of New album " The Light" is available on Amazon U.S.A. now!!


The digital music is available for download and streaming like Spotify, iTunes, and many more streaming services!  

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performance at Rockwood Music Hall in New york  https://youtu.be/47V_n7ii8ck


The Light』がついに完成!102日に世界同時発売!  tower record, HMV オンラインショップにて販売開始!

HMV Japan online shop:https://www.hmv.co.jp/artist_T-Moco

Tower records Japan online shop: https://tower.jp/item/5088213/The-Light



Patrick Firth-Piano
Phil Palombi-Bass
Samuel Torres-Percussions
Freddie Bryant-Guitar
Recorded at Sumurai Hotel Recording Studio Astoria, New York
Record Label: Mar Creation

Video shooting/Editing: Azumi Oe
Assistant Cameraman: Niklas Mὅller