T'Moco was born in Japan. She learned classical music as a young child, and played electric bass when she was a teenager. Influenced by her father's love of listening to jazz music, she became a member of the Modern Jazz Society of Saitama University, and started singing jazz. She has been performing and building her fan base since then.
She released her first album "Creatures" in 2012.  Around the same time, she moved to New York, and there, she has performed in various bars and clubs with Yuto Kanazawa, Nobuki Takamen, Lawrence Clark, Will Terrill, Gonjo Yasushi, Jeremy Stratton, and others, as well as given lessons and workshops with Marion Cowings, Janet Lawson, Alexis Cole, Barry Harris, Billy Harper, Jay Clayton, Judy Niemack.
She released her second album "PASSION" in 2016. "PASSION" was well received by critics and media due to her ability to use the jazz sound in a unique and modern way. 
She has also been performing around Tokyo with Japan based musicians. All gigs of  her Japan tour in 2018 were packed.  
The latest album "The light" was recorded in New York with NY based musicians, and released in 2020 all over the world. 
She moved to Chicago in 2021, then started going over what is beauty of music.