T'Moco Trio's performance in the last month will be televised on coming Saturday evening!

If you have Channel of Spectrum 1993

MNN 5 - HD,

you can watch the program on TV, 11/16, 6-6:58 pm.

Otherwise, it will be available from URL below all over the world. Please check the time.


in NY: Sat. 11/16 , 6-6:58 pm

in Japan: Sun. 11/17, 8-8:58 am

10/22 Rockwood Music Hall Nwe York

T'Moco(v) Yuto Kanazawa(g) Yasushi Gonjo(b)

video shooting, editing, and tv program producing Hiroko Watanabe

Thank you for coming!-Rockwood was filled with joy of music!

Emotional and Exciting, having good vibes, performing freely.

Musicians were awesome, and audiences were more.

I will come back next year!




I wrote an article for Japanese Magazine

"Jazz Criticism".


 "Jazz Criticiam" is a one of the most authoritative magazines in Japan.

I wrote for the magazine about my impressions of NY and my episode as a singer who came from Japan experienced various things day by day.  This five-pages article is very welcomed by my followers.


I tried my new performance in 2018: Reading 

I have started to include readings in my performances. I tried to make my performance like a whole story, more theatrical.

My performance story was like this: I'm in a dream- I'm swimming among the waves- I am told 'welcome home' by the audience . You can see the "in a dream" part of the story below. This part is a little dark, but after this one, I went into brighter mood.

I would like to perform in this style as well as in an authentic jazz style.  Performing with various kinds of artists like dancers, VJ performers, folk instrument players, and the others: collaboration with them is one of my goals.